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Hello there and welcome on YourSmartHomeCenter.com! I am Paul, a big time nerd looking for answers on all his smart home questions. I live in The Netherlands with my lovely understanding wife and our 2 great kids. In my everyday life I have a great full-time job in the aviation business and when I do have some spare time I love to build those little model planes or you can find me on a racingbike in the beautiful Dutch landscape.

I decided to write this blog for you to bring you a one stop place to get you started with the beautiful world of smart homes. I found it quite overwhelming in the beginning when I just started to find all the information needed. With this website I’m trying to bring you along on my quest for the best smart home equipment around and we learn from each other on the go. I will not pretend that I am an expert in this matter, but I will give you great guidance on starting out with your own smart home!

A while ago a great friend of mine showed me a picture of a big pile of smart lightbulbs and I thought by myself, I want that too! It’s always been on the back of my mind to make our home smart, but I never really knew where to start exactly. There are so many choices around. Of course most of you at least have heard of Apples HomeKit or Google Home. Those are great out of the box options, but are quite limited in my opinion. Especially HomeKit has a limited amount of devices which are supported and the automations you can do are not that great either. On the other hand the security of HomeKit is great and more devices are coming every month.

These out of the box options were not suitable for my needs, I wanted something better, more customizable and better supported. There are some options available, like Domoticz and Home Assistant. We will talk about those at later posts, including reviews and user experiences.

Please follow me on my quest of home automation. Feel free to leave a comment, a question or share your experiences with me and I will do my best to answer them. You can also leave your e-mail address to stay informed about the latest posts and information. I will also share with you my best tips on home automations.

Talk to you later!

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